Welcome, Global SunRisers!



We’re people who have a desire to make the world we live in a better place, not only for ourselves but for our communities & future generations. We wake up in the morning with determination, regardless of our circumstances. Our commitment is to align ourselves with purpose. We act with awareness, curiosity, hope, passion and intention to shift the circumstances in our own lives and the live of others. We rely on the tools of creativity and compassion to move forward. 

Global SunRisers take action, no matter how small. These small actions taken on a consistent basis add up. Global SunRisers are accountable and realize that everything is connected and interdependent. We know that what we do has a ripple effect and we pay attention to the choices we make and the impact our choices have on the world around us to the best of our ability.

As Global SunRisers we are not perfect. We are human in our efforts and we look for growth opportunities to stretch ourselves into positions of leadership on a personal and collective level by stepping up and challenging ourselves where we can.  We seek to learn and put what we learn into practice. We take initiative to overcome our problems, hardships, obstacles and do so with open minds, hands and hearts.  That’s what makes us leaders.

As Global SunRisers, we realize we share a small and beautiful planet and we respect all life on earth.

Global SunRisers care about each other and the world we live in.  We respect the rights of all. Shining our light where it is most needed, we bring into focus issues and show how positive change is catalyzed. We are rays of hope which help to energize and rewrite old stories which no longer serve the greater good on this planet. We are examples which give, guide and empower. Our service does make a difference. 

Bringing in a new era of leadership requires one of creativity, connectivity, consciousness and collaboration. Join us and become a Global SunRiser today.


Let’s Shine Together! Let's Change The World!